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Container Gardening


Limited to 25 people. Reserve your space by purchasing your ticket. $15 advance. $20 at the door if not purchased online. Purchase ticket here:

Maybe you don't have a yard. Perhaps you live in a rental and don't want to plant anything in the ground yet. Or maybe, you have planted out every square inch of your landscape and are eyeing your patio for more plants.

Either way, growing plants in containers is a satisfying activity that can add life to places that lack it. But growing plants in containers comes with some challenges--the environment in a container causes plants to have slightly different needs than in the ground. We can help you understand those needs and meet them.

In this class we will cover:

-Basics of container growing: watering, feeding, transplanting, pruning
(with an emphasis on organic growing)

-The basics on container potting soils

-Container growing throughout the various seasons

-Various types of container growing

-Raising edible crops in pots

-Growing cacti and succulents

-Questions and answers after talk