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Digging Deep: Compost, Plant Nutrition, and Soil Biology


Limited to 25 people. Reserve your space by purchasing your ticket. $15 advance. $20 at the door if not purchased online. Purchase ticket here.

Growing organically is not about feeding plants. It is about maintaining an environment that supports the soil biology which provides for the plants. In this class we will dig deep into how plants get their nutrition naturally, and how we can work with nature, instead of against.

  • An introduction to soil biology including the microbiology.

  • Learning why conventional farming/gardening is killing our soils, and what alternatives there are.

  • Letting it rot: various methods of composting in the back yard, including vermiculture (worm composting). Learning what makes a good compost.

  • Using the compost: how and where to apply in the landscape and garden, including an introduction to aerated compost tea.

  • An introduction to applied aquaponics: using aquaponics like an aerated compost tea.

  • Other methods of feeding the soil with organics.

  • Questions and Answers.

Later Event: November 10
Native Plant Foods of Our Region