Spadefoot Podcast no. 1: Turpentine Broom, Desert Lavender, Green Lacewing


This is Katy & Jared’s first Spadefoot Nursery podcast. In this episode they discuss some of their favorite plants, lacewing bugs, spurge, and talk about their grand opening!

Images below are for reference to the podcast:

Jared’s plant choice for this episode: Thamnosma (two species, T. montana and T. texanum) commonly known as desert rue, turpentine broom, cordoncillo, or Dutchman’s breeches.

Katy’s plant choice for this episode: Condea emoryi (more commonly known as Hyptis emoryi, the old botanical name), or desert lavender.

The various life stages of the green lacewing: Chrysopa spp., Chrysoperla spp.

Spurge (Euphorbia spp.), is it a weed?

Katherine Gierlach