Plant information

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General Planting Information

PLANTING GUIDE: everything you need to know to transition your plant from container to permanent location

PLANTING ZONES: your landscape should be graded into three distinct zones, according to water usage


TREES FOR ARIZONA: a guide to planting trees and list for appropriate species for both lower and higher elevations

PLANTS FOR TORTOISE ENCLOSURES: a list of plants to keep your Sonoran desert tortoise (or other species of tortoises) happy and healthy.

Wildlife gardening

MAKE YOUR BACKYARD A WILDLIFE REFUGE: a beginner’s guideline to help you increase the wildlife that visits your yard.

BEST BUTTERFLY PLANTS FOR SOUTHERN ARIZONA: some general notes and a huge plant list of nectar and larval food plants for butterflies.

The Bat-Friendly Home & Garden: some information on the native bat species, their importance, and what you can do at home to promote them.