Plant Profile Index

Below are plants that we tend to carry organized by family. All plants listed have basic information (

the acanthaceae: acanthus family

stuff about acanthaceae

The amaranthaceae: amaranth family

stuff about the family

The Apocynaceae: dogbane family

stuff about the family

the Aristolochiaceae: birthwort family

stuff about them

The Asparagaceae: Asparagus family

stuff about the family

The Asteraceae: daisy family

stuff about asters

The Berberidaceae: Barberry family

stuff about barberries

The Fabaceae: Legume Family

Stuff about Legumes

The Malpighiaceae:

Stuff about the family

the malvaceae: mallow family

Generals about the malvaceae.

The Onagraceae: primrose family

Stuff about onagracceae

The Poaceae: Grass family

stuff about grasses

The Saururaceae: Lizard tail family

family descript

The Scrophulariaceae: Figwort family

stuff about scrophs

The Verbenaceae: vervain family

generals about verbenaceae