We are a small, growing family-owned business and we are grateful for the support we have already had from you. Stay tuned as we work on opening up a retail space in Tucson, VERY SOON. At this location we will be able to showcase the gamut of what we have available, which is a wide variety of plants for your landscape and garden, emphasizing native species of the SW USA and Mexico with a few exceptions. Currently Spadefoot Nursery is not zoned for retail sales, so we can’t have visitors (and nor do we want them, since our nursery spaces are also our homes). We do not do mail order for plants or seeds.



Cochise County

In Cochise County, catch Petey Mesquitey at any of the various farmers markets and popup sales he may be attending, especially the Bisbee Farmers Markets on Saturdays (check our calendar for all his sales). He only has so much room in his truck and has to travel pretty far for each sale so be open to what he offers, because he always brings cool stuff.


Pima County

In Pima County, catch Jared & Katy at one of their popup sales. Because they have less distance to travel, and have a trailer when needed, they can take requests. Just check the CURRENT PLANT LIST to see what they have, and message them (email, Facebook, Instagram, phone) about what you want, and which of their popup sales you will meet them at.