For Delivery This Week

by Onda Güey

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Pictured below are the plants we have (while supplies last) for delivery with pictures of what they look like now and what they will grow into.

5 gallon creosote bush
(Larrea tridentata)
Full sun. Low Water once established. Responsible for rain smell of the desert.
Click Here for more information about Creosote bush.

1 gallon Desert Marigold
Baileya multiradiata
Full sun, low water when established.
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1 gallon madrean star Thistle
Part sun, moderate water, spectacular flowers in summer.
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1 gallon Tufted Evening Primrose
Oenothera caespitosa
Full to part sun. Moderate to low water. Reseeds like a wildflower. Great for nighttime pollinators.
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1 gallon desert milkweed
Asclepias subulata
Full to part sun, low water when established. Larval food plant for the monarch and queen butterflies. Great pollinator plant.
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