Current Availability

 The following categories represent all the plants we carry. The actual availability of plants changes daily, so please contact us to find out if we have what you are looking for at


The information provided in the list is basic, we are working on complete profiles of each species. But we provide the necessary data for making your decision: size in feet, sun and water requirements, and hardiness. We live in a transitional region, so as far as whether your plant is evergreen or deciduous is not always clear—some species area always deciduous or evergreen, but may drop their leaves in summer droughts, or may only do so in the coldest years or coldest parts of our region. The data provided is geared mostly towards those living in the low do middle desert since that is currently where most of our customers reside. Please consult with us if you live elsewhere.

Also note that at our popup sales we are unable to bring every species we have available. Also some plants may be dormant. Please note that we do not discount plants that are dormant as their value is still the same. If there is a specific species you would like to procure, please contact us with the desired species, and when you would like to pick it up. If there is anything you want but do not see on this list, contact us. Not all plants we have are on this list, though we try to keep it current. Also, we want to know what people are looking for, and can either grow or obtain your desired species.

We mostly grow plants native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, especially plants familiar to the ecology of our region and beneficial for wildlife. We also carry a few edible non-natives.



Groundcovers & perennials



Vines & Climbers

Cactus and Succulents

Domestic Edible Plants