silver waterfalls


Silver ponyfoot
Dichondra argentea

  • regular to moderate water (low to terrace zone)


  • HARDY TO 20-25º F

  • TO ABOUT 4" TALL, spreading almost infinitely

  • great container plant or low-growing groundcover

At first it's hard to believe that silver ponyfoot (Dichondra argentea) is a native plant! Perhaps that is because it is most often found in the annual plant section next to petunias and snapdragons. But this plant is native in Arizona, west to New Mexico and Texas, south throughout Mexico; found in a variety of habitats including desert scrubland, grassland, mesquite bosques, canyons. 

Silver ponyfoot is a versatile plant, content in the ground or containers, so long as the drainage is good. Plants in containers and hot locations will need more water, but plants can take a range of sun exposures: full sun to part shade. Plants can get lanky if in too much shade. This species will spread and spill, growing about 4 inches tall at most, and spreading as much as favorable conditions will allow. It isn't particularly cold hardy (to about 20-25º F) but it is extremely fast-growing. 

Katherine Gierlach