miniature (not)bamboo


bamboo muhly
Muhlenbergia domosa

  • 3' TALL,  4-5' WIDE

  • clumbing grass 

  • regular to moderate water (low to terrace zones)

  • FULL sun TO shade


  • soft texture

  • larval food plant for the orange skipper

Not everyone has room for a giant bamboo plant. What if there was a native grass that looked like a tiny bamboo? Lucky for you, there is! Meet bamboo muhly (Muhlenbergia dumosa) native to Arizona, south into Mexico. This graceful plant grows to about 3 feet tall and eventually gets about 4-5 feet wide. Stems somewhat resemble bamboo, and tips of stems are lacy and whispy forming a billowy canopy. This is a nice, soft texture to add to the sometimes prickly landscape. Bamboo muhly looks incredible near large boulders. 

Plant in full sun to filtered shade. Plants take moderate water and if they get rangy, sheer to ground. Hardy to about 0º F. 

This plant is a larval food for the organge skipper. 

Katherine Gierlach