An autumn sage for all seasons


Autumn sage (Salvia greggii) has been in cultivation for a long time. It is a long-lived, dependable perennial subshrub that blooms most of the year, and now comes in a variety of colors--from red to pink to white to purple. 

Autumn sage
Salvia greggii


  • perennial subshrub

  • regular to moderate water (bottom to terrace zones)

  • FULL to part SUN

  • hardy to about 0º F

  • red, pink, white, purple flowers in warm weather.

  • ATTRACTS BUTTERFLIES, and native bees

  • trim back in the spring to encourage bushiness

Plants do well in full sun with moderate to low water, but if plants are in full sun, they will need more water than if they are in partial sun. They require little maintenance save the occasional trim to encourage bushiness. Each plant can grow to about 3'x3', though there is some variability with the new selections out there (some staying a tad smaller and some a tad larger). Autumn sage can take low temperatures to about 0º F. 

This is a great plant for hummingbirds, providing nectar in the hottest part of the summer when many things stop blooming. This is a true Salvia species, which means the plant is edible--this plant is mostly used for its edible flowers which make pretty garnishes for salads or whatever you'd like to add color and a hint of sage scent to. 

Katherine Gierlach