hummingbirds kissing bats


Batface cuphea
cuphea llavea

  • 30 x 30" container plant or sprawling groundcover

  • Incredible red and purple bat-faced flowers 

  • ample WATER USER (Low Zone)

  • best in PART SUN

  • frost tender 

  • great container plant

Native just south of Arizona along stream banks in Mexico, this unusual plant puts up flowers that have a striking resemblance to bats. 

This makes a great container plant--since it is frost-tender, a potted plant can easily be brought inside on the cold nights. Sandpapery foliage spreads to about 20-30" tall and wide, with red and purple flowers emerging in warm weather. 

This plant will bloom well in part shade. Water more if kept in sunnier spots. 

This plant attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. 

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Katherine Gierlach