Looks like a Salvia, smells way more interesting

Stachys coccinea (1).jpg

Stachys coccinea

  • regular water (bottom zone)

  • Full sun to shade

  • hardy to 0º F

  • grows 12 –18 inches high x 2 feet wide

  • red tubular flowers in warm weather

  • butterfly larval host, hummingbird attractor

While this might look like the more common red salvias sold as a bedding plant, this plant does a whole lot more for the landscape than look pretty. Smell the foliage: betony has an aroma unlike any plant we know. 

This attractive plant is found in riparian areas in the desert, uplands, and mountains of Arizona and the SW USA and N. Mexico. In the landscape it can take full sun, or some shade and uses moderate water. Plants will get ragged looking in winter and are best cut back in spring after danger of frost is past.  

Plants bloom whenever the weather is warm, keeping your hummingbirds especially happy with its red, tubular flowers. This plant is also a larval hostplant for painted ladies (Vanessa cardui).

Katherine Gierlach