We are crazy for the milkweeds!

We’re kind of obsessed about milkweeds. Formally in their own family (the Asclepiadaceae) milkweeds were found to be more at home in the Apocynaceae, or at least such is what their genes tell us. Most of what we grow are the genus Asclepias, and we have many species. But we are working on making a few other genera available that fall into this category (Cynanchum, Gonolobus, Matelea, Metastelma, Sarcostemma, etc).

Milkweeds are well-known for their ability to attract butterflies, and many other pollinators, and are the larval food plants of the monarch and queen butterflies. These plants have an ecology unto themselves, with predator insects, aphids, nectar insects, and more creating drama around these plants on a daily basis. These are wonderful wildlife plants, and everyone should have at least one species in their yard.